Philipp A. Urlich
Philipp A. Urlich
Freelance Artist
Milkyway, Switzerland


Hello, I'm Philipp Urlich, a visual artist based in Switzerland. I'm 46 years old and been doing all different kind of creative work, in 2d or 3d, and also music. I love the process of creation. In 2019, I started painting again digitally, which was a dream of mine for a long time.

I do make fantastic landscapes that can sprinkle your imagination. Love to explore many ways of creating my vision and inspiration. Always open for learning from nature and other great artists.

- doing work for RPG books and games.
- doing personal landscape and environment arts, which most can be bought as art prints
- working on my ow projects long term, like books, tutorials and diverse art packs
- doing illustrations for Warhammer40k lore / background story books.

Games Workshop, Creative Assembly


Concept ArtEnvironment Designillustration3d2d

Software proficiency

Photoshop, Krita, CInema4D, Blender, zBrush
Photoshop, Krita, CInema4D, Blender, zBrush